PHOTOS: Inside The Oscars 2013


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LOS ANGELES: The 85th Annual Academy Awards was a night of sheer revelry and celebration of the very best talent in Hollywood. And we bring to you the highlights of the extravagant night…

The Indian sub-continent was well represented at the big night. Ang Lee won the Best Director Oscar for his India-based film ‘Life of Pi’, and won millions of Indian hearts all over the world by ending his acceptance speech with a ‘Namaste’.

Indian prodigy Suraj Sharma made Indians the world over rejoice when he appeared on the red carpet with his family. And Anupam Kher made us all proud by attending the Oscars, with the cast of his film ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.

The biggest surprise of the evening was when Michelle Obama presented the award for Best Picture, straight from the White House! And we absolutely loved her shiny silver dress and those cutesy bangs.

The noteworthy performances of the night were Catherine Zeta Jones’ ‘Chicago’ song-and-dance number, to the famous classic ‘And All That Jazz’. Husband Michael Douglas looked on proudly from the audience as she took to the stage and showed the world that she’s still got what it takes. Barbra Streisand’s rendition of ‘The Way We Were’, as part of the ‘Oscars In Memoriam tribute’ was beautiful and moving. The entire cast of ‘Les Miserables’, including Hugh Jackman and Best Supporting Actress winner Anne Hathaway, also came together for an encore performance

The ‘Fifty Years of Bond’ theme justified Adele’s Oscar winning performance of ‘Skyfall’, and made us marvel at her soulful and powerful vocal range. Well done, Adele!

Jennifer Lawrence had the night of her life, as she tripped in her exquisite Christian Dior gown. The infamous moment had the 22 year-old actress blushing from root to tip, but she took it in her stride when she said that everyone gave her a standing ovation only because of her fall, and that it was very embarrassing.

The Oscars goody-bag (given as a consolation prize to nominees who didn’t win) was extensively generous this year, as it contained gifts worth (hold your breath!) $45,000! The prizes included trips abroad, hand-illustrated tennis shoes, acupuncture sessions, a $5,000 (approx Rs2,70,000) plastic surgery voucher, a week’s stay at a weight-loss retreat and a year’s membership to Heathrow’s private VIP service. This was to ensure that ‘Everybody Wins At The Oscars’! And win they do, indeed!