The Most Expensive Indian Films Ever Made!

imageThe Most Expensive Indian Films Ever Made!Some say that it’s a film’s story which either makes it or breaks it, while some believe that it’s the film’s production that plays the secret trick. The amount of money you put decides the fate of it. Well, we all know that is not quite right. However, a big film does require big budget too. A Big idea to tell a Big story needs a Big foundation. A lot of records have been broken by big budget films earning crores at the Box Office but how far do you know about the money that was put behind it?

Do you know that Bollywood has often gone fanatic over films’ productions? History never lies and we have a huge list of films that prove that even Bollywood makes films which are unexpectedly very expensive. While some films turned out to be superhits, some couldn’t even pull in the production expenses at the Box Office. Here’s the list of the most expensive Indian films ever made! Take a look!

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