Valentine’s Day Special: Preity Zinta REVEALS How She Met Husband Gene


Preity Zinta recently took onto Facebook Live chat to share her nostalgia speaking about how she met her love interest and husband Gene. When asked by one of the fans about how she met her husband, Preity responded saying that she met him six years ago in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Gene is a financial analyst and the two dated for five years and then finally thought of being bound by marriage last year. Well! That’s all she quoted saying, “I met Gene 6 years back and we dated for 5 years. Later, we got married”.

She also added to it saying, “I believe in true love, but it gets figured out by the couple with time only. Love stays only when respect goes hand in hand“.

Well! Why read about her chat when you can see what she said.

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See the video of Preity discussing her love life.

Well! Preity and Gene are celebrating their first Valentine’s day after marriage. The two got married in a private ceremony in Los Angeles last year on February 29. Later, Preity threw a lavish reception in Mumbai inviting all her close friends and relatives from the B-town.

Preity Zinta is off screen since a couple of years but when asked if she will ever return to films, she confirmed about doing a film, “I am happy and lucky that I am married to somebody who pushed me back into doing a movie. Because I thought I don’t want to do any more films and I moved to the business side of life.”

Well! Let’s see when Preity hits the screen yet again.

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