Varun Dhawan To Do Remake Of South Film ‘Kandireega’


MUMBAI: The remake of the Telugu hit ‘Kandireega’ which Ekta Kapoor’s Balajee Films will produce in Hindi, is currently undergoing a rigorous rewrite to suit Varun Dhawan’s cool-dude image.

For one the hero in the original was a college drop-out from a small town in Andhra Pradesh.

David wants that to be changed.

Says the protective father, “We’re working on the script. It will take another two months. By then a lot of things regarding the project would be clearer. At the moment all I know is that I agreed to direct the remake of ‘Kandireega’ with my son in the lead. Ekta Kapoor and I go back a long way. I had directed her first film production ‘Kyunkii Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta’ with Govinda and Sushmita Sen in the lead. I saw it as a fabulous opportunity for Varun to take forward his ‘Student Of  The Year’ image. He has a fan base already and that will multiply if he does a film where he does a campus film with a lot of action.”

David says the action sequences in the Hindi avatar of ‘Kandireega’ would be very different from the Telugu. “The sensibilities of Hindi-speaking viewers are different. I don’t want Varun to end up looking unconvincing in his second film. So we are completely re-working the script.”

David says he is not the least troubled by the thought of directing his son in a remake. “I’ve directed the biggest of stars, even the mighty Amitabh Bachchan. Directing my son, whom I know so well, would be relatively easy. As for remakes, I’ve done innumerable remakes of South Indian films for Govinda. They were fun. I’ve seen it all, done it all. I’ve nothing to prove, specially when I’m directing my son. I think we’ll have fun.”