Veena Malik In A Mess Over Her Anti – India Comment On Twitter

veena malik-11Veena Malik has been in the news since the time she has got married to Asad Bashir Khan Khattak. From her sudden marriage to Asad on December 25, 2013 to her white wedding in the US and last but not the least her visit to Mecca; everything has been spoken about and written about.

However, Veena Malik, who shot to fame in India when she was approached for Bigg Boss Season 4 has apparently, abused India on twitter.

Veena Malik’s comment over India from an unverified twitter account reads, “India Sucks!!!”

Post this, Veena has been facing flak for anti-India comment and people, from all across the country, are making fun of the self-acclaimed star. Now our drama queen has blamed her ex-boyfriend Prashant Singh for hacking her twitter account and posting anti-India tweets.

“My twitter account was hacked in December 2013, by my digital manager from India, Prashant Singh, who is part of a Mumbai-based web service company. I had a three year contract with his company but after two years I chose to discontinue the association. The company continued to keep a track of my account, but after I got married, Prashant started blackmailing me. He started demanding money and said that he would not give me my account details otherwise.” stated Veena Malik.

Pointing out India’s contribution to her career, Veena Malik said, “India has given me a career and a lot of respect. I have been an ambassador of sorts between India and Pakistan. Obviously, I love my country more, but I have immense respect for India. I have always been transparent and this is not what I would expect in return.”

The actress has filed a legal notice against Prashant Singh, and she has also spoken to filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt about this incident and has asked him for help.

“My husband and I spoke to Mahesh Bhatt Saab this morning and we were told to ignore such incidents,” she added.

“I got a call from her husband, Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, and he pleaded with me to help him clarify this controversy. He said, and this is clearly according to him, that this particular twitter account from which this comment was tweeted, was being misused by her ex-boyfriend/secretary and then Veena came on the phone and said to me, I don’t know what to do, I am being hounded for this comment, but I haven’t said any such thing at all. There is this individual, this secretary who has been misusing my account.” informed Mahesh Bhatt.

We do hope that this controversy ends soon and the truth gets revealed.

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