Vishesh Bhatt Wins U/A Certificate For ‘Murder 3’


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MUMBAI: Donning the director’s hat for the first time, Bollywood filmmaker Vishesh Bhatt has managed to get a U/A certificate from the censor board for his thriller ‘Murder 3’.

Bringing a different feel to the Bhatt camp film, Vishesh has focused more on the storyline rather than bold content (which is a staple in most Vishesh Films’ enterprises).

Vishesh said, “I feel bold necessarily does not mean sensual or sexual content. It means being bold on various counts like showing dramatic content, relevant and hard hitting topics. At Vishesh Films, we are not apologetic of what we are making.”

Further adding that he’s happy about the U/A certificate for ‘Murder 3’, Vishesh revealed: “My intention is to have a good story. We have come up clean in the third instalment of the series. We have got U/A certificate and it is for the first time that a film in ‘Murder’ series has got it from Censor Board. I am happy that the Censor Board saw my point of view and understood that I am trying to convey a good story.”

Perhaps, celebrating this certification, or well, just celebrating…we spotted the cast and crew of ‘Murder 3’, letting their hair down at a 5 star in suburban Mumbai. We’ve heard of success parties for films after they’ve been released and appreciated by audiences. We’ve also heard of music release parties. What we hadn’t heard of (so far) was a success party for the music of a film, even before it’s release.

Randeep Hooda, Sara Loren and Aditi Rao Hydari came to the party as a trio, and were soon followed by music director Pritam (in his trademark grunge hairstyle and a pair of jeans and a blue tee). We also saw Mahesh Bhatt join in the festivities.