Watch: Here’s How Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees House Was Set-Up!


Raees was one of the most awaited films of Shah Rukh Khan of 2017. It also saw the comeback of Shah Rukh in an anti-hero avatar. In fact, SRK established himself as an actor in Bollywood thanks to his roles in Darr and Baazigar. He got these roles mostly because none of the then established actors wanted to portray a character with gray shades. This was the start of SRK’s journey as King Khan of Bollywood and as they say, rest is history.

This is what makes Raees even more of an ambitious film. From the romantic and sometimes melodramatic roles that SRK usually is seen portraying, Raees was starkly opposite where he was the “bad guy” who broke rules. But you still end up rooting for him, don’t you?

The size of his stature in Raees surely needed an, even more, majestic abode. As it was set in the 1980s, the set had to be made with a lot of research and precision.

Red Chillies Entertainment has released a video of the set design of the film which will make you want to watch the film again, just to get the feel of it all. It seems like the director, Rahul Dholakia was the mastermind behind the sets and was instructing the set-designer. Even the lead heroine of Raees, Mahira Khan is seen gushing about how she has never worked in a set like this. Additionally, the co-producer of the film, Ritesh Sindhwani makes an appearance in the video.

What was missing in the video was the man himself!! Unfortunately, SRK was not a part of the video. Nevertheless, the video is worth a watch. Watch the video here.

Raees did pretty well at the box-office and was the first film in 2017 to enter Rs. 100 crore film.