Watch: Kim Kardashian Reveals On Her Fear Of Her Close People Involved In The Paris Robbery!


Kim Kardashian was very famously robbed 8 months ago in Paris.

More than millions of dollars worth of jewellery was stolen from her hotel room. She was held at gun point, but luckily did not get hurt as the robbers took everything and ran away. The aftermath of this has been very traumatising for the reality TV star and she is known to have been dealing with anxiety.

A recent clip from the May 3rd teaser of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ showed Kim in conversation with older sister Kourtney about how the robbery has affected her

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Upon learning the criminals might have been caught, Kim kardashian tells Kourtney, “I feel bad that I woke you guys all up so early. I honestly never thought that they would catch the robbers. I just thought so much time has gone on and I didn’t really realize how diligent the French police were being.”

On receiving this useful piece of information about the case Kim Kardashian said it has changed her world view as there might be a possibility that people close to her were involved. “To find out that there was so many people involved really just opened up a whole different perspective for me of feeling safe. It definitely opened up my eyes to a whole different world that I can’t erase, I can’t go backwards. Life is always going to be different. I just need to be super aware of everything that I do and who I share it with. It makes me feel that I can’t trust anyone and that really su*ks.” , she tells sister Kourtney.

Kim stills seem very shaken by this incident. Watch the rest of the episode to find out how she’s been dealing with life after this terrific incident!

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