What Is Shraddha Kapoor Hiding From In A Burkha?


Ranveer Singh is planning to go underground while filming for Padmavati in order to stick to his role’s mindset and to be in the character all the time. Like him, Shraddha Kapoor too is planning to go on the field to prepare for her role in Haseena — The Queen Of Mumbai.

This is not the first time What Is Shraddha Hiding From In A Burkha? has gone a step beyond to understand her role and play to with full justice. Reportedly she had also traveled to Shillong with the production team of Rock On 2 for the reccee in order to achieve the understanding of her character Jiah.

For her upcoming film Haseena, Shraddha has frequently been visiting the busy streets of Nagpada under the cover of a burkha, to be in close proximity with Haseena’s life before she shot to prominence.

A source close to the film said, “Shraddha’s journey in Haseena — The Queen Of Mumbai, begins from the character’s teenage years and goes on till she is 45. To get into character, Shraddha has been attending workshops, reading up and researching all she can on her character. Haseena grew up in Nagpada and that’s where the actress started her research, going there, clad in a burkha. The first time she did this was a week ago, with the film’s director and writer. She returns today, with her bodyguards following at a discreet distance to meet the Parkars.”

She wants to soak in the ambience of Nagpada where Haseena was brought up in, the school she went to and the people she met. Shraddha wants to be as clued-in to her character as possible. In a crowded place like Nagpada it’s easy to blend in with the crowd in a burkha, hence the outfit,” reportedly added the source.

Let’s see if this method acting works for Shraddha and her upcoming film or not.

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