Why Should I Be Jittery If ‘Himmatwala’ Didn’t Work: Saif Ali Khan


MUMBAI: Earlier today there were a lot of rumours going around saying that after Sajid Khan got booted from ‘Housefull 3’ for calling Akshay Kumar a flop actor; and considering the recent failure of ‘Himmatwala’ Saif Ali Khan had his doubts on working with the ‘Himmatwala’ director.

But the ‘Go Goa Gone’ actor has put all the rumours to rest by confirming that the he will be working with Sajid Khan in his next movie.

Saif Ali Khan was heard saying: “Such rumours are uncalled for. If someone is spreading it, he should have a spine to come out in open and talk about it. Why should I be jittery about doing his film just because his ‘Himmatwala’ didn’t work as expected? He never promised anything different from what he delivered. He wanted to revisit the 80s in his own way and this is what he did. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. That doesn’t mean you start doubting a director”

Sajid Khan has been under a lot of scrutiny for being a little too direct with what he thinks about the critics and his films. But none the less Sajid has still got Saif:

“Right from ‘Heyy Babyy’ to ‘Housefull’ series, he has made entertaining films. I am glad that we are working together now. I am all excited to start the film this summer. It is going to be a fun outing.”