Work Keeps Me Happy: Shraddha Kapoor


shraddha kShraddha Kapoor has been managing her time and coping with a lot of activities in her day these days. The young actress who had an injury while rehearsing for ABCD 2 couldn’t dance for 3 weeks because of it.

Now that she has recovered more or less, she has been putting in extra hours to it. The film goes on floors in the end of August. It is a dance film so there is a constant prep for it. While she was rehearsing for 2-3 hours earlier, it has become 6 hours of practice now as she is covering up for all the time lost.

The Ek Villain actress also has her next release, Haider, coming closer which means hours dedicated to promotions as well. She has also been removing some time for her brands and magazine commitments in the midst of all this. Shraddha has been juggling a lot of things these days but she loves every bit of it.

Shraddha Kapoor says, “I have resumed dance rehearsals after weeks. There is a lot to catch up on and I am giving it all that I can. Dance is liberating! Also I have a release coming up soon so promotions are on as well in full swing. Even though there are long hours, I am far from complaining because work just keeps me happy! ​”​

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