Yo Yo Honey Singh Offered This Whopping Amount For His Biography


The life of one of India’s most popular rockstar/musician, Yo Yo Honey Singh is something people think they know everything about, but there is a lot about him that the world is not aware of.

Yo Yo Honey Singh became a national phenomenon when his song ‘Angreji beat’was released under Cocktail’s album. After which there was no looking back for the man. The musician worked with the biggest of superstars be it SRK or Salman Khan, his popularity grew ten folds with every step.

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But what people don’t know about are his struggles to reach where he has, the downfalls, how they were converted into victories.

The bipolar disorder that he went through will be one of the important chapters as no one is aware of what really happened. One fine day, the most loved star disappeared. So, the impact that it had on his life and how he worked towards coming out of it will be very significant.

The rockstar is a self-made man who came from Punjab and conquered hearts across the country.

Hence, there are a lot of publishers that want to invest huge amounts of money just to get the rights to his biography. So much so, that one of the publishers has even offered Honey Singh a whopping 25 crores for it.

If the musician agrees for a biography to be made on himself, it will definitely be one of the most interesting stories on a living legend and also one of the best sellers since his fans want to know more and more about him.

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