Zarina Wahab Chatted With Jiah Khan Before Visiting Court

Zarina Wahab is pretty relieved now that her son Sooraj Pancholi has got bail in relation to the Jiah Khan suicide case.

MUMBAI: Zarina Wahab is a relieved woman now that her son has received bail in relation to the Jiah Khan suicide case.


Sooraj Pancholi was in jail for almost three weeks now until the Bombay High Court granted bail on a surety of Rs 50,000 saying that he cannot be held solely responsible for the ‘impulsive’ act of suicide committed by his girlfriend Jiah Khan.

Zarina Wahab, meanwhile, revealed that she visited the Mahalaxmi Temple and the Mahim Durgah before entering the court. “I have visited so many temples and churches,” she said.

The veteran actress has maintained that her son “is an extremely shy and sensitive boy”. She also said that she “had a long chat with Jiah in her head” before going to the court. She elaborates, “I read the namaaz and started talking to Jiah in my mind. I told her, ‘If you really loved my son, are you happy with what has been happening to him since the past few days. Today, you are far closer to God than us. Help him. End his suffering.’”

She may have had a chat with Jiah Khan, but Zarina Wahab claims that she hasn’t spoken to her mother Rabiya Khan again. “No. I had gone to her once, which everyone knows about,” she said, referring to earlier media reports. “She didn’t quite like the fact that I had gone to meet her. That’s about it.”

The actress goes on to narrate her encounter with Sooraj Pancholi in jail. “When I visited him in jail, he said, ‘Mummy, please yahaan phir se mat aana.’ At that time, I don’t know how I held back my tears and rushed home,” she says.

Zarina Wahab admitted that she will be shooting for her serial ‘Madhubala’ when Sooraj Pancholi returns home. “I don’t want to show him extra attention. I want to be very normal,” she said. “My daughter Sana can’t wait to see her brother home.”

She mentioned that her husband Aditya Pancholi had broken down in court. “He hugged my sister who was accompanying us,” she said.

The actress has always maintained that her son “cannot raise his hand on anybody”. “Maybe, God wanted to test my son,” she ponders. “He is so soft-spoken. Perhaps God wanted to make him stronger.”

The suicide case still has some way to go before it reaches its end. For the time being, though, Zarina Wahab’s woes have been lessened.

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