Box Office: Bodyguard shatters opening day collections record

MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s Bodyguard has shattered all previous opening day collections’ records.
The movie opened in India on Wednesday and has seen net box office collections of approximately Rs 215.1 million (Rs 21.51 crore), which is the highest ever. Bodyguard has broken the opening day collections record of Dabangg’s Rs 145 million by leaps and bounds. Khan’s previous release Ready saw opening day collections of approximately Rs 130 million (Rs 13 crore), which is the same as that of 3 Idiots.
The net collections of Bodyguard across major territories is as follows:
Mumbai – Rs 72 million (Rs 7.20 crore)
Delhi/UP – Rs 42 million (Rs 4.20 crore)
Nizam/Mysore – Rs 22.7 million (Rs 2.27 crore)
CP/CI – Rs 21.6 million (Rs 2.16 crore)
 Punjab – Rs 18.7 million (Rs 1.87 crore)
Bengal – Rs 12.7 million (Rs 1.27 crore)
Rajasthan – Rs 11.7 million (Rs 1.17 crore)
Others – Rs 13.7 million (Rs 1.37 crore)
The movie has been received well across multiplexes and single screens in most territories.