BOX OFFICE: ‘Oh My God’ Takes A U-Turn, UPWARD!

Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal in 'Oh My God'
Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal in ‘Oh My God’

MUMBAI: As reported by, Director Umesh Shukla’s ‘Oh My God’ co- produced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, had an average opening weekend post its release last Friday.

In spite of rave reviews from critics – the Paresh Rawal, Mithun Chakraborty and Akshay Kumar starrer had a milder response than expected, with a 3 day total of approximately Rs 170 million (Rs 17 crore) net.

While Saturday and Sunday had shown a decent pick up this figure was on the duller side.

Come Monday and Tuesday, the pick up turned into a good surge!

Despite reduced ticket prices on the weekdays, the collections clocked in put ‘Oh My God’ in the HIT category. This rise can be attributed to the National Holiday on Tuesday on account of Gandhi Jayanti, as well as the positive word of mouth for the film, especially Paresh Rawal’s performance.

The presence of Akshay Kumar in any film, has of course always been a crowd puller, and the fact that his role is quite short in the movie doesn’t undermine his magnetism.

What has also helped the film, is that the only other option amongst new releases for cine-goers was Priyadarshan’s ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’ – which with scarce promotions – has been a complete washout at the Box Office.

With most business coming in from Central India, especially Kanpur – The 5 day total collections of ‘Oh My God’ are in the adequate range of Rs 300 million (Rs 30 crore) net.