Box Office: Singh is Kinng grosses Rs 595 million worldwide


MUMBAI: Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif starrer Singh is Kinng, which released worldwide on 8 August has managed to rake in a record amount of moolah in its opening weekend.

Singh is Kinng has so far grossed Rs 595 million (Rs 59.5 crores) worldwide. In India alone, the film’s gross collections are Rs 450 million (Rs 45 crores), whereas the overseas collections stand at Rs 145 million (Rs 14.5 crores), according to figures made available by the film’s worldwide distributors – Studio 18.

The film’s net collections in Bombay city for the weekend including paid previews on Thursday stood at Rs 38 million (Rs 3.8 crores). The film was distributed by Studio 18 in Bombay city.

In the overseas market, opening with 112 prints in North America (including 28 in Canada), the movie collected an estimated $1.2 million.

In the UK and Ireland, on 70 prints, it grossed £62,533 on its previews and an additional £430,748 over the weekend thus totalling up to £493,281. On 33 prints in the Middle East, the gross was in excess of 2.02 million AED.

The film was released in overseas markets such as the US/Canada, the UK and the UAE, Trinidad and Tobago, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Mauritius, Fiji, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Australia and New Zealand, among other countries.

While the collections of this film are unarguably far above the normal, it must be kept in mind that the prices paid by each of the distributors for their sub-territories were astronomical too. Therefore it remains to be seen if each distributor in the chain is able to laugh his way to the bank.