LOS ANGELES: Imagine sitting at your home the day ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ released, switching your television on, and voila! You could watch the final Batman movie on your television itself, that too in IMAX format.

No need to wait in the long line, no need to to travel to the theater. You could have watched the movie in the comforts of your own home.

And now IMAX can do that! IMAX has teamed up with Prima Cinemas to give people the chance to watch a movie in their homes on the same day as it releases in theaters.

But there is a small issue: the cost. You would need to have an IMAX Private Theatre installed at your home , the cost of which is approximately $2 million (Rs 12,33,28,000 according to current rate). So you’d need to be really rich to be able to afford this privilege.

But the idea itself of IMAX looking to start screenings at home at the same time as release gives us hope. IMAX is probably getting into this business in order to tackle piracy which eats into a lot of profits. But with such a huge cost, will it work? Audiences might still prefer to stream or download pirated copies online, instead of paying in millions to watch a movie at home.

Till then, we guess it’s back to waiting in line at the ticket window for the next movie.

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