Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi Reveals His Career Plans With Manveer Gurjar!


Bigg Boss contestants participate on the reality show with a motive to gain the attention and popularity which will lead them to the trophy and a good career outside. The participants come with high hopes of getting a successful career after the show while most of them can’t gain as much limelight as they expected. After serving more than two months time in the controversial television show, ‘Bigg Boss’, Manveer and Manu Punjabi have started planning for their future.

While gearing up for the recently happened weekend ka vaar shoot, Manveer and Manu Punjabi were heard discussing their future plans. Manveer started off the conversation saying that he has lots of responsibilities and now it would be more after the show. He also reveals that he is quite in depth and needs to think of it.

Manu Punjabi also reveals that how after his mother died; he has no one to look after and is planning to sell his property for money. He also gives some business ideas to Manveer and suggests that they should come to Mumbai after the show. CLICK NEXT TO READ ABOUT THEIR ONLNE BUSINESS PLANS!