Birthday Wishes: Karisma Kapoor, The Modern Indian Mummy

She was once a damsel until she transformed herself as the leading diva of Bollywood. Shifting from films to television commercials after a huge sabbatical, Karisma Kapoor with a spree of advertisements to her credit undoubtedly is the modern Indian mummy.

Karisma Kapoor made her debut at a young age of 16 into Bollywood. She was the first lady from the celebrated Kapoor khandaan to make her debut into an industry ruled by men. Since then, the actress has transformed herself from a damsel to the leading diva in Bollywood.


Karisma Kapoor had acted in over 50 films and post a huge sabbatical made a comeback (of sorts) in a film ‘Dangerous Ishhq’. While the comeback didn’t do much to her sagging career just like her television debut years ago, Karisma Kapoor’s stunning looks even after the birth of her two kids (Samaira and Kiaan) and her stint as a celebrity judge on a reality show was enough to take her career to the next step, into the world of television commercials.

While her counterparts have staged comebacks with anti-ageing creams and cosmetic commercials, Karisma Kapoor surely has gone a step ahead.

While she continues to appear in cosmetic commercials, we get to see more of the actress in healthy food products, baby products and healthy soft drink commercials. It is more like playing the modern Indian mummy, cautious and caring. It’s playing the perfect homemaker, a reflection of Karisma Kapoor and her own life.

The relatability that one sees in these advertisements cannot go unnoticed at any give point of time. Karisma Kapoor unlike her other counterparts, who have appeared in one or two commercials promoting healthy living for young kids, is hugely popular and does not shy away from playing the modern Indian mummy.

She’s also the brand co-investor and ambassador for a website which caters to baby products.

Staying true to the ideologies of the Kapoor khandaan, yet modern and practical in thought.

Here’s wishing the modern young mummy a Happy Birthday!

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