Did Sooraj Warn Jiah Khan’s Mother To Take Her To A Counsellor?


For Sooraj Pancholi, things are fast getting out of hand. Following his alleged ex-girlfriend’s untimely death, Sooraj’s world has crashed around him.

Everybody’s blaming the young, aspiring actor. Did he cheat on her? Maybe. Did he emotionally torture her? That’s what they’re saying.

But, did he want her to hang herself with a dupatta? We think not.

Sooraj and his family are being thrashed left, right and center. Some say, “Like father, like son.” Aditya Pancholi is obviously standing by his son. And now we hear, mother Zarina has tried to make peace with her grieving, angry counterpart – Rabbiya.

Says a source, “It was Aditya’s Pancholi’s idea. After Tuesday’s court proceedings, the actor asked an old family friend (a journalist-turned-filmmaker) to meet wife Zarina and daughter Sana at a suburban hotel so as to help them figure out how they can help Sooraj in the forthcoming legal battle. There, Zarina insisted that meeting Rabbiya at her place would be the right thing to do.”

But, as expected the meeting didnt turn out to be a peaceful one. We hear that the two mothers unabashedly expressed their grievances.

In a new twist to the matter, the source further reveals that Zarina reminded Rabbiya that Sooraj had visited her on May 18 and expressed concern at Jiah’s hyper behaviour. He had apparently requested her to take her daughter to see a counsellor.Questioned Zarina, why she didn’t do the needful?