After Being Replaced By Shubhangi Atre, Shilpa Shinde Makes Shocking Revelations!


Shilpa-Shinde-0214“We have been protesting since 4 years. You are asking why didn’t we approach the presidents of the association – Om Puri, Johny Lever. Johny Lever Sir was the president at that point of time. We have had gone to him and his committee with our grievances. Do you know what they did ? They threw us out! He cancelled our membership!… They have been treating us like this since 4 years. Our only fault was that we stoop up and asked for our conveyance,we asked why aren’t we paid on time, we asked that why are we treated like animals and made to work for 18 hours ?…our grievances were never heard. Ajmal Kasab can get an advocate in India but not us,” former CINTAA member Arif Sheikh at the press con.