Adele’s Big Goof Up In Front Of Thousands Of Fans!

[tps_footer]For most of us, Adele is the go-to girl when we’ve had a fight with the better half or when we are in the throes of a horrible break-up. However, turns out that Adele in spite of her superior contoured face and on-point eyebrow game is NOT perfect!

The 28 year old singer, who might very well be one of the most successful recording artists of all time, was performing her hit track ‘Million Years Ago’ during her concert in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday when she goofed up. Well, before you get all shocked or act all surprised, let us assure you that nothing went so wrong that the genius Adele could not fix.

When the songstress was belting out a tune, she mistook the progress of the lyrics and started singing the chorus part instead of the first verse. Well, in a scenario that would have sent a lesser artist into hysterics, Adele (who is a self – confessed goofball and klutz), stopped the song entirely to take a minute and swear at her error.

Sh*t, sh*t, wrong words… I started singing the verse”, she exclaimed like a true champ!

Well, when somebody as awesome as Adele says ‘sh*t’ onstage, you better be a great audience and play along! (Just kidding!) The lovely audience of Lisbon took the goof-up in stride and as the band re-organized, they cheered the curvy Brit singer on to ensure her that it was all okay after all.

The next time you goof up, remember that the right way (or the ‘Adele’ way) to handle it is to throw some swears at it, agree you messed up and just carry on like the boss you are![/tps_footer]


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