Back Again! Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart Living Together


LOS ANGELES: Hollywood sweethearts Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart who have been in the news for having a troubled relationship for a while now, are reportedly back together.

Apparently the ‘Twilight’ couple have once again moved in together at Kristen Stewart’s home in the Los Feliz area, Los Angeles.

Said a source close to the pair, “Rob is living at Stewart’s. He considers it his home, Stewart’s there, their dogs are there and most of his stuff is there. I guess his home is where is heart is. And right from the get go Kristen made it clear that it was also his home,”

The friends of the stars believe that the brief separation was a good thing for the couple as it has brought them much closer. “Again they have been inseparable since Pattinson’s gotten back. I think the distance did them good. He isn’t showing any signs of needing any sort of space from her, that’s for sure,” added the source.

The source also said, “Stewart is confident that her relationship with Pattinson is stronger than ever and has no problem whatsoever with Pattinson wanting to take things slow. They have been together pretty much non-stop since he’s been back. He has just only arrived, but the first person he wanted to see and spend time with is Stewart.”

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were rumoured to be in a relationship ever since they met on the sets of ‘Twilight’ in 2008. However, Kristen admitted to be in love with the actor only after images of her having an affair with the ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ director Rupert Sanders were published.

The stars seem happy now, living together leaving the past behind them. But we wonder, how conveniently the news of this patch up comes so soon after the DVD release of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’, earlier this month.