Birthday Special: A Look At Tom Cruise: From His Rough Childhood To Stardom!


International heartthrob Tom Cruise, who is more than just a good looking face from Hollywood films, turns 52 today! Tom Cruise is one of those few actors, who never had it presented to them in a silver platter and instead had to work hard for it. Tom never got lucky.

He made his own luck by his pure hard work and achieved his goals. Tom Cruise is not only a fine actor but also he is a fearless personality. Wondering why do we say so? Well because the star is known for his stunts in his Hollywood films, which are mostly done by him. Tom Cruise is known to be a reckless nutcase by many. Tom Cruise is an artist, a Hollywood’s prestigious trophy, a father, an inspiration to many and a Scientologist.

He has given us some fantastic films and also some very memorable characters. From films like Top Gun to Knight And Day, we loved him in all and everything that he had to offer. Even from his big personality transformations to his success and failure in relationships, Tom was accepted by his fans with open arms. On his special day, we wish the actor a very Happy Birthday and take you through a small trip down memory lane, as we recall the hardship that the actor had to go through to become what he is today, a Star. Take a look!