Birthday Special: Angelina Jolie’s Journey: From A Wild Child To An Icon!

Featured-Angelina-Today is Angelina Jolie’s, who is named as World’s Sexist Person Alive, special day. Yes, today, the international sensation turns 40! We know what a great human Angelina is. We all know that the actress isn’t just a pretty face and is much more than that. We have all heard about her great deeds for the society and her humanitarian work. Yes, it’s all in the news but hardly anyone knows the road the actress walked. Do we really know who Angelina Jolie really is?

From her stage in life where she was depressed and on the verge of giving up to building herself up and soaring higher in life, we take you on a beautiful journey. On her birthday, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and recall Angelina’s beautiful, inspiring journey so far. Take a look!

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