China Bans Justin Bieber For This Obvious Reason!

Justin Bieber

The pop singer Justin Bieber  is banned from the country for disrespecting the country and is said to be a bad example.

The pop star Justin Bieber is admired for his songs and has millions of fans around the world.

China has clearly stated that the Canadian singer is not welcome to the their country anymore.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture admitted that they were not fans of the singer and will not let him come back to the country soon.

23-year old Justin Bieber has seemingly disrespected the Chinese back in 2014 and was not welcome back. The singer had visited the ‘Yasukuni Shrine’ in Tokyo on one of his trips.

The shrine is considered to be a sign of Japan’s perceived lack of repentance for its past imperialist aggression.

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Shortly after his trip, the singer apologized and clarified saying, “he was mislead to think the shrines were only a place of prayer”.

The Chinese government has not specified the reason to forbid the singer but reports suggest that it’s because of the temple visit back in Tokyo.

Weibo, a copy of Twitter, managed by China has had many posts agreeing to this ban. Users have shared their thoughts on this issue saying ‘it is a good move by the government’ and that ‘he is a bad boy’.

The ‘Sorry’ singer is due to perform in Hong Kong in two months as part of his “Purpose Tour”.

This is not the first time this has happened. Previously, music band ‘Maroon 5’ had to cancel their show in 2015 because one of the band members had met Dalai Lama who is considered a threat. Even the American rock band ‘Bon Jovi’ cancelled two shows in China at the last minute for using Dalai Lama’s pictures in their performances.

The singer-songwriter recently collaborated on a song with Luis Fonsi titled ‘Despacito’ which is topping the charts for the catchy beats.

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