Why Is Being Chris Pratt Called The Male Version Of JLaw?


Chris Pratt, the Hollywood heartthrob and the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence’s chemistry has already become talk of the town since the trailer launch of the upcoming sci-fi ‘Passengers’.

We have heard that Chris Pratt was called as the ‘Male Jennifer Lawrence’ on sets of ‘Passengers’. Through the course of the film these two have become “besties” so much so that when being called the male Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt said, “Isn’t that awesome? I love that.”

Adding to this Jennifer said, “I am flattered. I just can’t see why you would be me.” Further adding, “He’s much much nicer than me. He’s a hard worker, has a good attitude and is very positive.
There is no doubt about their on-screen chemistry however their off screen equation seems just as perfect.