Hollywood’s Lucy, Hercules And 22 Jump Street Fight It Out

Hollywood-Cover-PicThis Friday was kept empty with a purpose. There were a lot of expectations levied on Kick and keeping that in mind, many filmmakers might have decided to stay away lest they want to get drowned by Salman Khan landslide.

But strangely the landslide hardly happened and a perfectly good Friday was left behind by Hindi filmmakers. However, Hollywood never really bothered about who it is pitted against in India. The proof of which can be seen when three biggies from the West will fight it out for attention.

First up is Scarlett Johnson’s Lucy which is about a girl who is used as a medium to transport drugs from one place to another. But once she gets caught, almost raped which punctures the bag of drugs inside her that spreads to her brains. That alters her genes and she starts acquiring powers. Morgan Freeman is also part of the film. Morgan Freeman’s role looks really promising with her doing a lot of stunts.

Next is Dwayne Rock Johnson’s Hercules that recounts the Greek legend’s story. Rock as Hercules seems perfect and that will be enough to get his Indian fans to theatre. Action, romance and lot of punch lines are expected from these films.

The third film is Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill starrer 22 Jump Street which is a sequel to 2012 film 21 Jump Street. The film this time put Tatum and Hill in a college as undercover agents busting a drug racket. Interesting and varied films are up for display. You see one’s loss is another’s gain!

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