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Jonah Hill Is The New Inspiration For Weight Loss!

Actor Jonah Hill is looking very fit these days! Last week when the actor was heading to a workout in Los Angeles, he looked almost unrecognizable.

Jonah Hill Took Fake Cocaine In The Film The Wolf Of...

Jonah Hill snorted fake cocaine in the film The Wolf of Wall street and was hospitalized for seven months.

Trailer Alert: Jonah Hill And Miles Teller’s ‘War Dogs’ Is Ridiculously...

Hollywood actor Jonah Hill is starring in an upcoming movie titled 'War Dogs' along with 'Whiplash' actor Miles Teller.

Film Review: 22 Jump Street: A Sequel That Pumps Up The...

‘22 Jump Street’ is as much as a parody as a bromance, and it’s certainly not much about police work.

Hollywood’s Lucy, Hercules And 22 Jump Street Fight It Out

This Friday was kept empty with a purpose. There were a lot of expectations levied on Kick and keeping that in mind.

Sony Motion Pictures Trim Film Slate, Less Summer Releases

Sony Motion Pictures is planning to trim its film slate by reducing its number of summer movie releases in 2014 from nine to four.

TRAILER: ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ – Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Wall...

After the Oscar-winning 'Hugo', Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese returns to adult fare with this true story about a fraudulent Wall Street stock broker Jordan Belfort.