Jennifer Lopez Opens Up On Her Life!


Singer, Actor, Fashion Icon Jennifer Lopez bared her heart on the most difficult period of her otherwise successful career. She spoke about her 2003 film Gigli, a romantic comedy, which was one of the worst failures in box office. The film had enough media attention and audience interest before it released, thanks to the romantic involvement between the lead actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

But the film returned disappointing figures and was reviewed as a disaster and one of the worst films ever made! Post this, even the relationship fell apart and Lopez had become a joke of every mouth. All channels of media were busy discussing how her life was falling apart

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Right now though, the actor affirms that she is at the pinnacle of her career and can get into things she wants to just because she would love them that way. Thanks to a turnaround past post Gigli, she feels more in control of her life and career and can afford to choose her projects wisely and listen to what her heart says.

Mum to 6 years old twins, JLo, as she is popularly called, made news when she hired a male nanny to take care of her son, Max. Now she mentions that she would love to be a mum again, and she would love to welcome twins this time over too!

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