Kate Mara With Johnny Depp In ‘Transcendence’


Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Kate Mara has bagged a key role in popular cinematographer Wally Pfister’s directorial debut ‘Transcendence’ with internationally renowned actor Johnny Depp.

Reportedly, Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall will also star in the much talked about sci-fi thriller.

Kate Mara is known for her role in the popular television series ‘House of Cards’. She also has starred in ‘Shooter’ (2007) and ‘Deadfall’ (2012).

‘Transcendence’ is being produced by Christopher Nolan – producer/director/writer of ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy. While plot details are being kept under the wraps, sources have revealed that Johnny Depp will be seen playing the role of a scientist and his brain is uploaded to a computer.

Mara’s role in the film is still not known, but rumors suggest that the actress would be playing a member of a terrorist group referred to as the “tattooed baker.”

Reports also suggest that Kate Mara’s sister Rooney was approached for a role of Depp’s wife, but that the part ended up going to actress Rebecca Hall.

Kate who will begin filming for the second season of ‘House of Cards’ this spring, has to begin shooting for ‘Transcendence’ in April. With such a tight schedule Kate will have little time to breath between both projects.

‘Transcendence’ is expected to hit the screens on April 25, 2014.