Is Kourtney Kardashian’s Creepy Ex Hung On To Her YOUNGER Sister?


[tps_footer]The Kardashian Family has a rather bizarre and very flamboyant life and that includes everything from their Instagrams to their boyfriends and marriages. Well, while most of the world thinks that these ladies are especially slow on the uptake, turns out that Kourtney Kardashian is a smidge smarter than any of us thought. The 37 year old has not been so oblivious or dumb that she did not see the similarities between her younger sister Kendall and ex Scott Disick’s current girlfriend.

Rumors about Scott being a creepy man who leered a little more than was considered appropriate have been doing the rounds for quite a long time now. However, playing her role to a fault, Kourtney always defended Disick. However, looks like that won’t be happening anymore. The new brunette that Disick is dating, 20 year old Christina Burke, is an absolute doppleganager of Kendall and that may just have taken things a little too far for Kourtney. There were always rumors that Scott had a thing for Kendall when the youngest of the Kardashian clan was being given a completely ‘different’ kind of attention by Scott.

Don’t you guys remember the elaborate April fool’s Day prank that was played where Kourtney pretended to catch Kendall and Scott in bed together which just fuelled rumors that the duo had hooked up in the past?

Sources say that initially Kourtney never believed rumors about Scott leering on her sisters, but now she has nothing to say especially since all evidence points to the contrary. Well, what do you guys think?

Has Scott’sDisick’ been something the Kardashian sisters should beware?[/tps_footer]