Lady Gaga’s New Fashion Line For Puppies!


Lady Gaga who is a musical sensation all over the globe is all set to do something extraordinary for the animals especially dogs. The 29 year old sensation is soon going to venture into a line of clothes designed especially for puppies. The star performer who is an idol to millions posted pictures of a few pets on her instagram account stating-

The musical sensation who taps the whole world with her tunes is also reported to launch a food range for the pets. Lady Gaga who is known to sport weird wardrobes has always been in love with pets and also posts pictures of her puppies now and then.

Lady Gaga was recently in news for wearing 7 outfits on the stage for the Cheek To Cheek tour. The artist is planning to customize a creative clothing line for pets, and is also looking forward to interact with the pet’s owners.

The sensation apparently got the inspiration for her new venture from her little muse Asia Kinney. The little four legged pooch is extremely pampered by both Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. The adorable pooch is always ready for a click and we can definitely say this because Lady Gaga is always updated when it comes to clicking her pooch.

We wonder this is surely going to be good news not only for Lady Gaga fans but also for their pets!