The Martian Accused Of Racism Against Asian Americans

MartiansA group called Media Action Network for Asian-Americans (MANAA) has criticized Ridley Scott’s latest flick ‘The Martian‘ over the basis of racism. According to the group, a lot of roles in the films that actually should have been played by Asian Americans were unfairly given over to Caucasian actors. MANAA states that many Indian and Korean characters in the film have been tangled with which in turn affects them as a group of individuals.

From what MANAA has stated, they believe if the Asian American roles in the film were actually played by Asian Americans instead of Caucasian actors, it would have helped them boost their career and their group of people to establish better name in the society. According to them Ridley Scott and his team should not get any kinds of awards at the Oscar for the film’s casting.

The Martian‘ saw NASA’s Director of Mars Operations as Vincent Kapoor who was actually black played by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor stating that his mother was Hindu Indian and his father was a Baptist. Whereas in the novel by Andy Weir, the same character is a Hindu person named Dr. Venkat Kapoor. This triggered the MANAA to lash out as they believe the characters have purposely been manipulated.

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The advocacy group also targeted the image of Koreans that was portrayed in the film was also tampered with as the character Mindy Park was originally Korean-American in the novel. But in the film it saw Caucasian Mackenzie Davis. Ridley Scott has earlier been accused of whitewashing his cast in one of his films where instead of casting Egyptian actors, the director replaced them with American stars.

‘The Martian’ sees the struggle of an astronaut who is stranded on Mars after surviving a deadly storm with his group. During the process of emergency evacuation, astronaut Mark Watney is left behind as his crew had no other choice. While everyone on Earth assumes that he is dead, Mark is on his own mission to survive on Mars with very less amount of food.

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