Miley Cyrus Beats Madonna And Beyonce


Miley Main coverGreat dancers like Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce and many others must be seeing red, and turning in their graves as teen sensation Miley Cyrus has topped a list of dance moves, with her infamous twerking step!

Miley Cyrus twerking dance style took the world by storm, when she performed the outrageous, slightly raunchy dance moves at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Since then, fans have gone ballistic, trying to imitate the once-upon-a-time-goody-two-shoes Disney star’s hot moves.

Star of songs like Wrecking Ball, Miley Cyrus has beaten her contemporaries and seniors, and claimed the numero uno position at the 10 Best Celebrity Dances list. The list has been compiled by The London Cabaret Club, who clearly approve of Miley Cyrus’s controversial dance style.

Beating Madonna’s Vogue dance step, and (can you believe it!) Michael Jackson’s world-renowned Moonwalk move, Miley Cyrus has emerged victorious. Madonna’s moves were rated at number two, while Jackson secured the third spot on the list.

Other contenders included South Korean popstar Psy, who was all the rage with his Gangnam Style last year, Kylie Minogue and her Locomotion routine, Beyonce’s Single Ladies suave moves, and Miley Cyrus own father Billy Ray’s country line dance to the hit single, Achy Breaky Heart.

Here’s wishing Miley Cyrus all the best and we do hope that she keeps dancing.