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Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is a hardcore environmentalist with a mission to ban ivory trading in Thailand.

MUMBAI: It’s a known fact that hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, along with being an extremely talented actor is a hardcore environmentalist.

Leonardo, who earned a nomination for the VH1 ‘Do Something Award’ in 2010, is currently working with WWF’s mission of putting a ban on the trading of ivory. He tweeted, “Thanks for all your help to save elephants! We have 500,000+ signatures. Can you help us get to 1 million?”

Reports reveal that on a daily basis: wild elephants, rhinoceros and tigers are killed for their skins, bones, tusks and horns. Poachers world-wide make millions of dollars a year with the largest unregulated ivory market in the world at Thailand.

Animal lovers all around the globe are taking an action to make a real difference, by just signing this petition along with Leonardo to ban ivory sales in Thailand.

On the entertainment front, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar nominated film, ‘Django Unchained’ directed by Quentin Tarantino is set to hit the screens in India on March 15, 2013.

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