Terminator Genisys Poster Contains Major Spoilers


Terminator-GenesysThe new poster of Terminator Genisys revealed recently contains major spoilers. The makers of the film have openly given away the twists in the plot leaving very less for the audience’s imagination. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted the official poster which looks bad*ss despite the spoilers!

After watching the 2nd official trailer of the film that was released few weeks ago, fans of the Terminator series were disappointed with how easily the makers of the film gave away main character John Connor’s identity as Terminator. That’s right! If you’ve watched the trailer you will know that the good kid John Connor who was being saved all along by terminator turned protector T-800 is himself the bad guy now!

Arnold took to his Twitter account and posted the photo with the tweet, “The new @Terminator poster is here. And I love it.” Although the poster looks very appealing and would not bother the general masses, die-hard Terminator fans are tired of the endless spoilers. The reason for giving it away might be the low response the film has been receiving despite all the promotion, which has definitely changed after the second trailer.

The plot of the film goes like this: In the present time, John Connor is the leader of human resistance who decides to send Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 in order to protect his mother Sarah Connor who he thinks is a soft helpless waiter. Now when Reese is being teleported back to the past, due to some loophole he ends up in an alternative universe where the past is completely different from what was told to him. Here in this past, Sarah Connor is a bad*ss highly trained fighter accompanied by everyone’s favourite guardian T-800 and now Reese along with the two, faces John Connor who turns out to be a Terminator.

We know, sounds confusing right? Watch the trailer to clear a little bit of the above confusion. In other news, Arnold Schwarzenegger has already announced his appearance in one amongst the two sequels of Terminator set to come out soon. Terminator Genisys starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Oscar-winner J K Simmons and Byung Hun Lee is set to release in India on July 3, 2015.