TRAILER: ‘Jobs’ – Ashton Kutcher Plays Apple’s Co-founder

The trailer for the biopic on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' life 'Jobs' ranges from his college days till the time he brought Apple back on track.

Looks like it is the season of biopics in Hollywood too. The trailer for the biopic on Steve Jobs’ life is out. ‘Jobs’ concentrates on Steve Jobs’ days in college till the time he builds Apple, is thrown out of it, and also when he returns to resurrect the Apple brand.

The ‘Jobs’ trailer begins with Ashton Kutcher playing our protagonist Steve Jobs in his college days. Ashton Kutcher walks barefoot through his college campus having just dropped out of college. But for what could that be? We then see Steve Jobs’ friend Steve Wozniak (played by Josh Gad) trying to build a computer. Don’t we just love how Steve Jobs’ eyes light up when he sees the code on the computer screen.

We are then treated to scenes that portray how both the Steves build up Apple from scratch, also starting a “revolution” as the subtitles claim. With an injection of $90 thousand into Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak eventually go public with Apple Inc.

The ‘Jobs’ trailer delves further into Steve Jobs’ persona. “We have to make the small things unforgettable,” Steve Jobs says and then fires an employee because he feels “typeface isn’t a pressing issue”. Looks like ‘Jobs’ will dig deeper into the the side of Steve Jobs that always created fission with others.

This is clearly shown in the rest of the ‘Jobs’ trailer. Corporates aren’t happy that Steve Jobs is going to war against IBM. There are plagiarism charges against Apple. There are lawsuits. All these come down on Steve Jobs when we are shown how he is unceremoniously removed from Apple. “You are your own worst enemy,” Steve Jobs is told.

But with a downslide, comes redemption. Ten years after his removal, Apple is in jeopardy, and Steve Jobs is called back to make Apple rise like a phoenix from the ashes, to make it the innovator it is known as today. And we are then shown a quick montage as Steve Jobs finally brings out the Apple iPod.

The trailer looks quite good. Unfortunately the film had premiered at Sundance Festival to mixed reactions.

We just hope the film doesn’t turn out to be a glorious advertisement for Apple. It will be interesting to watch Ashton Kutcher play Steve Jobs, an actor no one thought would suit the Apple co-founder. But here we are.

‘Jobs’ releases worldwide on 16 August, 2013, with no release date set for India yet.

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