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David Fincher Wants Christian Bale To Essay The Role Of Apple...

Director David Fincher, who directed Fight Club and The Social Network, reportedly wants Christian Bale to essay the role of Late Steve Jobs in the new film

REVIEW: ‘Jobs’ Is Not A Job Well Done

When you watch a film like Jobs, you expect that like the Macbook, iMac, iPod and iPad, a film on the like of Steve Jobs would also be sexy, sleek and fun. But it isn’t.

High Anticipation For Ashton-Kutcher Starrer ‘Jobs’: Girish Wankhede, PVR Pictures

With Hollywood biopic ‘Jobs’, based on the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs nearing release, anticipation is at an understandable high.

TRAILER: ‘Jobs’ – Ashton Kutcher Plays Apple’s Co-founder

The trailer for the biopic on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' life 'Jobs' ranges from his college days till the time he brought Apple back on track.

Ashton Kutcher’s Transformation To Steve Jobs

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher shocked fans when he recently posted a photo of himself with an uncanny resemblance to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.