Twentieth Century Fox And Others In ‘Piracy Battle’ With Google


LOS ANGELES: Movie studios like 20th Century Fox and NBC are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle with search engine and computing giant Google, over the way it publishes take down notices.

In an effort to curb piracy and clamp down on pirated content available online, such movie studios and copyright owners issued take down notices to Google, to remove their offending links, but Google publishes these take down requests in an effort to maintain complete transparency.

In a seemingly never-ending loop, the take down notices once again have the offending links, which lead directly to the pirated content. The subsequent linking of the takedown notice issued by the studios creates a ready-made index for pirates to source pirated content, which defeats the purpose of the take down notice in the first place.

This is being touted as “copyright irony” and “automation gone mad” by most tech sites, which believe all this confusion is caused by automation.

In a world where robots are responsible for most of the back-end work, such as this, it hardly seems like an elegant, timely solution to deal with an issue as serious as copyright infringement and piracy.