Vacation Trailer: America’s Favourite Park Is Here!

vacation-TrailerThe funniest American family is here to entertain the audiences with their unlimited fun and plans that backfire every minute. When Ed Helms is in the film, you can expect quite a lot of adventure comedy which is exactly what Vacation’s new trailer shows us. Based on the family trip of the Griswold family, Vacation is a fun riot with the perfect family getaway!

The trailer sees actor Ed Helm who plays the role of Russell Griswold taking his family to a trip to America’s favourite family fun park Walley World. From their road trip to the events that occur after reaching their destination, this family has nothing under control. The film also stars our favourite Thor in a completely different avatar flirting with mommy Griswold actress Christina Applegate. Looking nothing like himself, Chris Hemsworth is all set to tickle our funny bones as Stone Crandall in Vacation.

The film’s cast boasts of some of the most funniest actors of Hollywood who have worked in several different comedy films. Lead actor Ed Helms has given the hit franchise Hangover, Christina Applegate starred in comedy series Anchorman, actor Chevy Chase in Community, Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses, Leslie Mann in numerous films like Funny People, The Other Woman and Knocked Up and Regina Hall from the Scary Movies series. When all of these people including some more finest actors join to form a film’s cast, we can expect nothing short of epicness from Vacation.

Directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, Vacation has been produced by David Dobkin and Chris Bender. The film was earlier scheduled for an October release but was preponed to an early summer release and will hit the theaters in USA on July 29. The film is a continuation of the franchise National Lampoon’s Vacation by John Hughes.  

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