Why Watch The Hundred Foot Journey?


 om puri [tps_footer]From the time East Is East was made in Hollywood, things have drastically changed in terms of market value. Today, Hollywood is huge in India. Infact, the West time their releases according to the Indian audience and know exactly what to serve. This week The Hundred Foot Journey released which has a strong Indian connect. You might wonder why you should go for The Hundred Foot Journey instead of Entertainment. Well, here are some of the reasons.

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1. Om Puri in an English film never disappoints. He has proved time and again that his humble appearance work perfectly with any Indian film woven by Hollywood. He is a pure delight to watch.

2. Helen Mirren against Om Puri is like watching to stalwarts battle it out to serve us with an exquisite recipe.

3. The battle between Indian and French cuisine is a reason enough to pull you the theatre.

4. The mouth watering dishes in the film will help you build an appetite for your food.

5. The beautiful France is enough to soothe you for life.[/tps_footer]