Watch: Vin Diesel’s Hilarious Breakdance Video Goes Viral! 


Vin-Diesel-01092This video of Vin Diesel doing breakdance way back in 1980s is the best thing you will see today! After rotating on the Internet for quite some time now, Vin Diesel’s crazy breakdance video has gone viral again. The Furious 7 star looks almost unrecognizable in his skinny avatar with a head full of gorgeous hair dancing to the hip-hop beats like he just doesn’t care!

Before becoming the successful actor that he is today, Vin Diesel like many other artists went through lot of struggles and jumped many hoops to get where he is right now. Amongst such several struggles were his writing and directing skills where he used to make his own short films. But what no one really knows is how much the 47-year-old action films master loves dancing!

Watch Video Here

Wearing a pair of gym pants and sweatshirt with sneakers and bandana, Vin dressed up very 80s like for the video, which looks like a hip-hop dance tutorial video. Showing off some funky moves on Kurtis Blow’s track, the XXX actor went all in with his groove! From what we see in the video one thing is sure, Vin Diesel can do just about anything if he sets his mind to do it!

After watching the amazing dance moves done by him, we’re sure a lot of his fans will be doing a face palm including Diesel himself. The actor had appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael show last year where he had to watch this awful throwback video of his in front of the audience. Vin couldn’t help but laugh it off and reveal how much he used to love dancing saying that ‘the only time I ever got in trouble as a dancer was when I was dancing’.