X-Men: Days Of The Future Past – Halle Berry Returns As ‘Storm’

Halle Berry is all set to return in ‘X-Men: Days of the Future Past’ as the sexy superhero ‘Storm’.

LOS ANGELES: Halle Berry is all set to return in ‘X-Men: Days of the Future Past’ as the sexy superhero ‘Storm’.

Marvel Entertainment tweeted earlier today: “Halle Berry joins the cast of  X-Men: Days of the Future Past.”

Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men: Days of the Future Past’ starring James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, Ian McKellen Jennifer Lawrence, Nicolas Hoult, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, and Shawn Ashmore; now has the addition of the Oscar winning actress who is more than excited to be back.

On asking if she was looking forward to getting into her super-hot superhero outfit again; Halle said: “I am very excited. I love Storm. That’s one of my favourite characters that I’ve played. And people love that character as well.”

Halle even joked that she didn’t mind spending hours in the hair and make-up room, following her physical transformation in ‘Cloud Atlas’: “After Cloud Atlas any make-up job is a breeze. A breeze!” she added.

Halle was seen in the first three installments of the ‘X-Men’ series alongside Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin and James Marsden.  While in this film Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin and Patrick Stewart will be seen returning alongside Halle Berry, although there are no reports of James Marsden returning to the ensemble.

The seventh installment of the ‘X-Men’ series is scheduled to go into production in April 2013 and although the film is going to hit the theatres only on 18 July 2014, there is no doubt that with a star-cast like that it is already turning out to be a film like no other! So, which X-Man are you most excited to see return?

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