24-7 MusicShop renamed 24-7 Entertainment


MUMBAI: 24-7 MusicShop, which is Europe’s supplier of full track, digital music via online and mobile networks with 32 active shops in 12 countries, has renamed itself.


In a step to broaden its scope, 24-7 will expand its digital product range from full track music, music videos and ringtones to include additional mobile assets, audiobooks, feature films and TV series.


“The decision to expand 24-7’s services to include a wider variety of digital assets was a very organic and logical move based on the digital needs of the marketplace. We have changed the name of the company to 24-7 Entertainment in order to more accurately reflect the nature of the business,” said 24-7 Entertainment CEO Frank Taubert.


As part of the rebranding, the company has changed its logo and launched a new website, www.247entertainment.com.


“The interest in digital products is steadily growing, with notable growth in the mobile sector. From a technological standpoint, it was important for us to add new assets, features and functionalities to deliver the most advanced and reliable digital distribution platform on the market, which we believe we have done,” said 24-7 Entertainment CTO Carl Henrik Nielsen.