Access IT formalizes agreement with Lionsgate


Mumbai: Digital cinema player Access Integrated Technologies announced that Lionsgate will provide movies to digital cinema equipped theatres in the Phase I digital cinema program and will pay virtual print fees under a long-term agreement similar to those signed by all the other major studios.

Lionsgate is already a long time customer of Access IT’s Software Division, employing its industry-leading Theatrical Distribution System (TDS) which enables theatre bookings for screens in the US and Canada. Access IT and Lionsgate have begun negotiations on a Phase II agreement.

Since October 2006, Lionsgate has provided such movies as The Forbidden Kingdom, Rambo, 3:10 to Yuma, and the Saw franchise to Access IT’s Phase I network of exhibitors and paid VPFs. This agreement serves to formalize the distributor’s intent to supply movies in the future, and to pay VPFs according to a set schedule.

"Having worked with Access IT on both the software side and the digital cinema side, we are very pleased to formalize our commitment for their Phase 1 customers," said Lionsgate president of domestic distribution Steve Rothenberg. "Our experiences with them to date have been extremely positive and we are confident that their highly professional teams will continue to provide an excellent level of service. We look forward to finalizing our agreement with them for their Phase II deployment customers as well."

"Lionsgate has been a strong proponent of digital cinema having released 23 digital titles starting back in October, 2006, with ‘Employee of the Month’," said Access IT’s Media Service Division president Chuck Goldwater. "With a full schedule of movies right up there with the other major studios we look forward to more digital releases from Lionsgate to continue to support exhibitors’ digital cinema installations and the industry demand for more digital screens. We are proud to build upon our long relationship with Rothenberg, Mike Polydoros and the entire Lionsgate team."