AccessIT installs 3,000th digital cinema


MUMBAI: Digital cinema company Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. has installed its 3,000th digital cinema system. The company is continuing to work toward its goal of completing its initial 4,000-screen deployment by the end of October.

“This is a significant milestone for AccessIT as well as for the theater owners and the studios whom we serve. Theater operators across the country are joining the digital age to gain better control of scheduling, faster and more efficient delivery of content and have access to alternative programming options to attract sales and drive new revenue streams,” said AccessIT president and CEO Bud Mayo.

AccessIT’s Theatre Command Center software, Christie DLP Cinema projectors and other networked hardware combine to play both feature movies and PreFlix advertising. Integrated satellite systems enable the theatres to receive digital movies, 3D content and other material such as concerts and sporting events.

AccessIT Digital Cinema is the only program that combines all these features to enable exhibitors to realize all the operational and financial benefits of digital cinema technology.

To date, AccessIT has contracted to install close to 3,700 systems. Deployments have been completed with the following exhibitors: Allen Theatres, MJR Theatres, Showplace Cinemas, Marquee Cinemas, Neighborhood Cinema Group, Celebration! Cinema, Cinema West, Cinetopia, Emagine, UltraStar, Galaxy, Rave and Carmike Cinemas and AccessIT’s own Pavilion Digital Showcase Cinema.

Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. (AccessIT) provides theater operators the first and only studio-backed fully networked digital cinema system delivering more than three million digital screenings of Hollywood feature films to date. The company’s digital cinema system provides feature films and alternative content via satellite to expand box office sales and develop new ways to attract incremental revenues.

Through its alternative content division, The Bigger Picture, AccessIT offers channels of programming including Kidtoons, Faith Based, Music and Anime. The ongoing 4,000-screen deployment is the largest of its kind in the world. Access Integrated Technologies and AccessIT are trademarks of Access Integrated Technologies, Inc.