AdME releases music-driven mobile game


MUMBAI: AdME, provider of music-driven Mobile Entertainment (mdME) products, has released GuitarStar, a next-generation music-driven mobile game, on the AT&T Wireless network.

Using an original “beat-matching” technology, GuitarStar is the first mobile game fully capable of synchronizing visual movements with the beat of the underlying musical soundtrack in order to significantly amplify the player’s level of gaming engagement.

GuitarStar enables players to virtually “play by feel” as they capture guitar picks flying across the mobile screen. “Rather than taking their cues solely from what they see, mobile players can use the beat’s groove to guide their play the way console players do with Guitar Hero, or arcade players with Dance Dance Revolution,” explains AdME CEO Peter Eggleston.

GuitarStar is the first product release in AdME’s mdME (music-driven Mobile Entertainment) product suite, a project designed and developed over the past two years. Originally built as a mobile entertainment application, GuitarStar has since been customized to serve as a platform to promote recording artists and consumer brands. GuitarStar on AT&T Wireless will feature a number of emerging musical artists in the rock, pop and hip hop arenas.

EMI Publishing director of music resources Eric Shaw adds, “Music-based games have become a fantastic means for players to engage with music in an exciting way. By bringing that technology to the mobile platform, more people will get to experience the irresistible fun of playing along to great songs.”

Additional AdME games such as DanceLord, featuring animatronic characters that can be choreographed on the cellular keypad, are scheduled for release in the next 6-12 months. Driven by the same “beat-matching” technology as GuitarStar, they underscore AdME’s fundamental premise that, “music is, indeed, the new game in town.”