AMD’s Opteron enhances Shrek The Third


MUMBAI: DreamWorks Animation artists have availed of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) powered Opteron processors to enhance the artistry and render the detailed characters of Shrek The Third and simultaneously work on props and environments at a faster pace.

AMD64 technology contributed significantly to the digital life behind Shrek the Third, providing digital artists with the processing power necessary to experiment with new animation techniques, such as characters with more life-like expressions that illustrate a full range of emotions; hair movement that mimics real life; and clothing that moves and takes shape.

Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors not only helped digital artists create lighting and special effects which was not possible in the previous Shrek movies, but also helped them work on multiple scenes simultaneously.  

Shrek the Third introduced some effects considered too difficult and time-consuming to produce in the past. With the AMD64 technology, DreamWorks Animation’s artists were able to create an entire cast of fairy tale characters with a vast variety of character expressions; enchanted environments with even more detail; and effects that stretch the imagination.