Aniboom Virtual Animation Studio launches new brand


MUMBAI: Aniboom (, the virtual animation studio, launched their new brand, created by Neville Brody’s graphic design firm Research Studios.

Aniboom has developed a new language for the animation content portal, one which incorporates the "movement of animation". This new language represents what were identified as the core characteristics and personality of Aniboom’s brand value.

Several significant changes have been made including the addition of a portfolio display, better video viewing experiences for creator animations and the more prominent featuring of career furthering opportunities such as competitions with international leading brand name companies. The new creator portfolio display feature, in which animators can present their work to the community assists independent animators in gaining animation industry exposure.

Aniboom creative director Idit Frankel described the re-branding process as a challenge to "combine Aniboom’s need for a professional platform – for creators as well as potential clients and still serve as an entertainment platform for viewers who seek amazing animation… Research Studio’s deliveries stand out as the most cutting edge and yet as approachable as you can get."

"Aniboom is for us potentially the best online site for the animation industry, allowing us a unique opportunity to help deliver new and flexible tools for a major and highly dynamic creative web community. Coupled with the dual-track intention of delivering new discoveries in terms of creators and creations to a multi-platform distribution industry, we have fashioned a channel with subtle levels of changeability, allowing Aniboom to speak authentically to different types of market, from young creative’s to company directors and media buyers," says Neville Brody.

He adds,"The new font we have produced for Aniboom is intentionally both flamboyant and functional, fun and industrial, which for us reflects the inner dynamic at the core of Aniboom. The general look and feel is at times modern Swiss and playfully anarchic. Rules are being created and then being broken, enabling the site and the brand to adapt to a rapidly-changing culture and allowing new components to be added when needed, keeping this young brand in tune with the moving trends and technologies of today’s animation world."